Lez Party in Ashburn 8)

see y'all on ts3

Credits: Chas, IMF2000, TRIKSTA, SOLUS, TRANCE-, SPRONNE, ROFLMACOPTER, LETHALCLERIC (LOL), DOEBOY (shit rust player), HANNAH, ROBBIE WILLIAMS, CRUISECAR, SOPHIE, KEYBOARDCAT, SARAH, 3 x TOP 10 CS teams in the worLd, Kov, EzzY, Trivium, Aimbot, Best 64 slot zombie server ... in the world, Best Surf server when chas isnt spamming music, Best Chas-break server of 2012. Special thanks to all the DDoS attacks and drunk drama on ts3. Best LAN? when imf shouts down the Tannoy for 64 vs 64 mayhem. GE-FM was pretty lame but the jingles were fun, {insert everyone else here} Click here to restart GECLAN